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Marco Soeima I won an spinner, the white! I still can't believe this happened to me ! Aha

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Joana Coimbra I got a free chance, but I did not win anything :( Can you give me one more chance please :)?

Like · comment · 9 min

Ana Luísa Silva My mini iPad arrived yesterday: D I still can not believe this happened to me ... Santa Claus really exists!

Like · comment · 32 min

Carolina Homem Themudo At first I thought it was a joke, but my iPhone arrived this morning via DHL 😍 Brilliant black 🔥 🔥 🔥

Like · comment ·· 55 min

Carla Morais …I always wanted one. I was crazy when DHL delivered it this morning. This year started very well for me

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Inês Luis It's the first time I've tried my luck to win anything. It even seems unreal when I think I won my iPhone 7. It's amazing!

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Sérgio Castanheira de Almeida My macbook arrived this morning! I was so euphoric that I took him to my work to show my colleagues

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Alexandre Guedes Honestly, I wanted a that light spinner for myself, but I did not get that chance ... I think the usa Spinner nice too :)

Like · comment ·· 6 h

Tomás Cunha What luck! I do not need to buy an Spinner for my daughter:)

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João Patricio I do not need red spinner. Can I switch to usa one ? it is more cooler

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